Privacy Policy

In our privacy page, we describe how we collect, protect and handle your information. We collect and use the following information to provide, improve and protect our services

Search and Downloads

When you search something, we collect what you search and all the results that appers in our website. This used to check and update the result to make it more efficient.


We also collect information about devices you use to access our services. If you access it from the web, We collect things like ip, useragent, type of browser, and devices you use. And if you access it from android app, we collect things like your ip, device name, device type, device number, and others.


We guarantee you that we didn't share any of your information to other web or other services. We also have a team to protect all your data like your account, what you search for, the results and others. We also use encryption to make all your data more secure and more private.