Terms of Service

Thank you for using Owplus. this terms is used to inform you about our services. By using our services, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms.


When you register to Owplus, we save all your information that you enter in our register form. Your account data will be collected and stored in our system. And by registering with our system. You have agreed that we can use the data for system and system development purposes.

Search and Downloads

When you search or download any documents at Owplus, we collect all information about your device and your account. For your device, we collect some information about IP, browser information, device country, device language, and device brand. For your account, we collect some information about your name, email and phone number.

Search Results, History and Wishlist

All of your search results, history and wishlist are stored in our system. So, whenever you got the search results, or you download any documents or you add it to wishlist it will be stored in our system.


All of our services including logo, UI and system are protected by copyright. If you want to you our service outside of Owplus, you can contact us here

Service Termination

You are free to use and stop using our services but we reserve the right to suspend or stop you by using our service if you

Change of Terms

We will inform you if we changes any of these terms or if we add another.

Feedback and Support

If you want to send us a feedback or support, please contact us here. We will appreciate your feedback and support.