Terms Of Service

Thank you for using Owplus. this terms is used to inform you about our services.
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When you use our search engine, we provide you with our services. so when you search some documents like PDF, DOC or others, we collect all data that you search for including your ip, useragent, browser name, browser version, country name and country code. visit our privacy page here.

Sharing Result

Our services let you share any result and any document. when you downloaded it, you can share it or save it for your own purpose. But we are not taking any responsibility if the document contains any crime.

Our Services

All of our services like search result, logo, and others are protected by copyright. so if you want to use it outside our services, you can contact us here.

Service Termination

You are free to use and stop using our services but we reserve the right to suspend or stop you by using our service if you harm our services or disturbing other users comfortable.

Changes of term

We'll inform you if we change any terms in our website.

Feedback and support

We really appreciate your feedback and collect all users feedback so we can grow and improve our services.